Add your endorsement for Doug!


I voted for Doug during the early voting session weeks ago. Why does he have my support? Foremost in my mind is the message he is sending: the personal mandate he has for himself, and those that participate in the political process to close the ideological divide. He believes that we can again lean into positive conflict, and engage in the heated exchange of differing ideas without all the hate, vitriol, and rancor that has become modern politics as filtered through the 24hr news cycle. Doug strikes me as an aspiring critical thinker that has all our best interests at heart, and will represent us very well in Washington.

D.S. Brown


As a soldier who just returned from Afghanistan in April 2010 with the 48th Brigade and is still looking for employment, I support Col. Heckman. I believe he will do his best in performing his duties and do the best of his ability to serve the state of Georgia in the U.S. Congress District 7. I have talked to a lot of my fellow soldiers in the GAARNG to join me in supporting you.

SGT John L. Howard


I am disgusted with the mudslinging and extreme party politics in America. Especially now, in this critical period, America needs honest and intellegent leadership that puts the good of our people before benefits to any political party or interest group. I’m proud to say that I’ve known Doug Heckman for a long time, since our sons were all in the same Boy Scout Troop. I have no doubt that he will provide the honest, moral representation that we deserve. My family and most of my friends are voting for Doug Heckman.

John Reeder

Doug made a great impression on me within a minute of meeting him at the bus stop on my way to work this week. After digging deeper into his background and stand on issues on his website, I am very impressed! Someone has got to get this country working together again. Hard choices have to be made and both parties have to work together in order for us to move forward. Best of luck Doug, you have my support.

Daniel Johnson

It’s about time someone with clarity has come on the scene. There aren’t very many people I would go public for but Doug would be one of them. Courage enough to run but to run as a Democrat in Georgia with conservative values takes real guts. But those of us in the Special Forces community are used to doing what others consider impossible. Nothing is impossible, just difficult.


When people elect candidates of wisdom, perspective, and integrity, then government will also possess those qualities. Cynics will continue to support candidates produced by political machines, and they will continue to complain that government is ineffective and corrupt. And so it will be until voters start really looking at the candidates, where they came from and who they are. If Gwinnett voters do that, Heckman wins in a landslide.
David Delle Monache


I drove the fifth car behind President Reagan, when he came to Atlanta in 1983, during a presidential motorcade. I view myself as a conservative. In all my years of following politics, I have only voted for three Democrats. In my opinion you are what America needs in Washington D.C.
Charles W. Houghton


Our district needs a thoughtful, hard-working representative in Congress, not just a “party line” voter who does what he’s told without thinking of the people he serves. Go Doug!
Beth Stubbings

We fully support your belief that no party has a monopoly on the truth, neither party is blameless getting us into the current budgetary quandry and adult conversation is needed to have a prayer of us fixing anything. Name calling and obstructionism isn’t getting anything accomplished. Leaders willing and able to encourage real dialogue are desperately needed.
This means compromise and flexibility, something that appears to have gone AWOL at State and Federal government.
We wish you strength and success in your efforts.

Vern & Jayme Herr
Spalding Corners

Finally we find a politician that won’t insult us with boring partisan sound-bites. Both political parties are equally to blame for our financial insecurities. With Doug, we have someone capable of sound, independent judgement.

Tom Mannion


Doug Heckman exemplifies the very best a candidate can offer which our family has not seen since the years of Presidents’ Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton. He is unique in qualifications and capable of being a Leader in Congress for Georgia.

As a highly experienced, business man and military officer – the only one in this election, Doug Heckman understands the critical priorities facing the people of this District and country. He can move the District and country forward on all home fronts. He is very approachable and pragmatic. He has a depth and breadth of knowledge in history, leadership, governing, policies, science, trade, and international issues, and a deep personal responsibility to serve all the people of the District, not the few elite of Georgia.

We highly recommend Doug Heckman as the very best candidate no matter your political affiliation.
Susan Biondo


As a veteran who has served this country for 20+ years and continues to serve, I want to see a change in leadership in the 7th District. Too many times we hear what politicians are going to do, but never see the action. I believe “leadership” experience will make the difference. I think Doug will “know his people” and will work to serve the district in a positive manner. I’m confident he is our man! I’ll support and vote for him when the opportunity arises. If I can be of any service, I will. Let’s make that change and put his leadership skills to work for us!!
Major Carlos W. Morgan (retired)


As a Gwinnett County teacher, I feel that Doug Heckman has many grounded ideas. I support him and appreciate his commitment to education.
Anne Butcher


Doug Heckman is a highly successful business executive, a combat-decorated Special Forces Officer, and a devoted father and husband. In his personal and professional life he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to serving others. Doug is a proven leader and man of great integrity. He is obviously dedicated to reducing the increasingly harmful partisanship that prevails in the halls of congress. We can all be confident that he will work with his congressional colleagues on BOTH sides of the aisle to address the incredibly complex challenges facing our nation.

Daniel Ragsdale
West Point


I support Doug, because he understands the problems of the working people and has constructive solutions for them, with which I agree. Doug understands what is broken in Washington and attacks it smartly, like the soldier he is. All in all Doug is a moderate democrat who can find reasonable middle ground amongst the competing extremes and therefore I will vote for him.
I urge you to vote for him too ! So we can end the political bickering and start doing something useful for both ours and our kids future.

Ted Kanchev


It’s time to send someone to DC that understands public service.
Laura Chessher


We need someone who is committed to action serving on our behalf in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a veteran as well as a businessman, he has the skills, knowledge and commitment to do what is right for us.
Anna Doll


Finally! Someone who will think and act in the best interests of their country and not mindlessly toe the Party line. If you want what’s best for America, you MUST vote for Doug Heckman!
Paul Brannigan
Dacula, GA

It is time to give new representatives a chance. Enough of the same old story and no happy ending. New ideas, new perspectives, the change we need!
Carolina Ayerbe


We support you as you bring integrity, leadership, and responsibility for ourselves, as well as our country and environment.
Kenneth Frontman


Honest, hard working, good listener, a strong, selfless sense of duty and service; I can’t think of a better candidate.

Lynn Ramirez
Crystal Lake


I am excited to see that Doug Heckman, who has served our country proudly, is a candidate for Congress in the 7th District. We have had a career politician too long in this district who does not respond to average citizens except by form letters.

Nancy Hicks


Doug Heckman represents the finest in devotion to public service as his military career from West Point to service in Iraq and Afghanistan has shown. His private sector financial experience coupled with his leadership capabilities (displayed as a combat theater Colonel) makes him a top flight choice to serve the 7th Congressional District as its Congressman

Stephen W. Day


It is with great pleasure that I offer my endorsement of Doug Heckman as he pursues the Congressional Seat for Georgia’s 7th District. Doug and I had the opportunity to work together when he was a Managing Director for the asset management division of the Phoenix Companies. Doug brings to the 7th District, and hopefully in November to our Congress, a knowledge, business acumen, thoughtfulness and unyielding dedication to our Country that our government desperately needs today.

You could not ask for a better candidate Georgia !

Amy Fisher
West Redding, Connecticut


With Doug Heckman, we will finally achieve someone with ideas, and the ability to get things done!

Michael Gagnon
Sugar Hill

I worked with Doug Heckman during my 20 years of Public Service for Congressman John Lewis, Fifth CD U.S. Representative. My position was Congressional Staff Assistant in the District Office. One of my responsibilities was to coordinate the Fifth Congressional District U.S. Service Academy Forum. Doug Heckman represented West Point at the Service Academy Forum every year. He is an outstanding person. He exhibits courage, honesty, fairness, and integrity. Doug Heckman is the best choice to represent the 7th CD in the U.S. Congress.

Ruth N. Berg


Right now with hyper-partisanship dominating Washington D.C. where leaders are lacking, its time for the 7th Congressional District to send a man of Doug Heckman’s caliber to Congress.

Doug leadership is evident as he has fought to serve and to protect this great country of ours. Doug will go to Washington to tackle some our biggest problems like the out-of-control deficit with a proposed balanced-budget amendment, to help create much needed jobs & to improve the quality of life for the people of the 7th district.

Congress needs a workhorse, not someone who only wants to say or do something outrageous to get their face on television. Doug Hecknan is that guy. That’s why I endorse Doug Heckman, a patriot, a leader, a common-sense conservative for Congress for the 7th Congressional District.

Keith McCants, rural conservative Democrat, operator of blog Peanut Politics & a founding member of the soon to be Georgia Bluedog Coalition


I am very happy that Doug has decided to run for congress. Having worked with our congressional delegation as an advocate for several years, I believe it is time to elect someone to this office who truly represents our families and communities.

Kathy Garrett


Doug Heckman is the West Point classmate of a man I greatly respect, COL Dan Ragsdale – I know that he will uphold the values and ideals that we were taught at the Academy. As a former Army Officer, I know he will be a strong leader and ensure that members of our armed forces are represented in Congress.

Tanya Markow
Sandy Springs