Getting Things Done

Most people agree that our Congress has become increasingly fractious through the years. Too often, partisanship hinders progress. What happened to collegiality and a spirit of compromise? What happened to finding a solution because it is the right thing to do for the American people?

We need representatives in Congress that seek to bring people together. We need people that believe in limited government, lower taxes, and individual liberty – but at the same time understand that our national issues are incredibly complex and their solutions require compromise. We don’t need lobbyist puppets and we don’t need inflexible ideologues.

The incivility of partisan politics has ground consensus to a halt yet the list of pressing challenges in need of solutions is immense. Examples include: improving education, taking care of our vets, solving immigration, and finally, an official Energy Policy that will end our intolerable dependence on foreign oil. None of these problems has an easy fix. We need to bring together the best and brightest, come up with solutions, and then have the political courage to implement them. We need to engage the private sector in a cooperative and constructive relationship. For any of this to happen, our members of Congress must be part of the solution instead of an ongoing part of the problem.