Heckman Billboards Send a Message

September 7, 2010

Contact: Martha Kiel



Extreme Partisanship is Irresponsible and No Way to Represent this District

NORCROSS, Georgia – Doug Heckman, candidate for the House of Representatives in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, has taken over the billboards previously used by candidate Jody Hice in the Primary. These billboards inflamed partisan divisions with their caustic symbolism . Heckman’s new message on the three billboards summarizes his campaign theme of ending extreme politics as usual and getting back to statesmanship on behalf of the people: “Had Enough of Partisan Politics?

Heckman remarked: “Partisanship is harming our government and grinding reasonable debate to a halt. These cynical rules of engagement are being practiced at the expense of our Country. Being very partisan helps one get re-elected.”

He said: “Leadership in this environment requires perspective and balance. My life experiences are qualitatively different from my opponent and have been honed in many different arenas such as business, the church, and my military service. I am a statesman, not a hardened ideologue.”

Heckman had previously commented on the fact that all Georgia Republicans, including his opponent, had to sign loyalty oaths pledging allegiance to their Party in order to qualify as candidates. “Woodall has come of age on the Far-Right being taught that the way to succeed is to be as partisan and purist as possible. It is the citizens of our Country who have been suffering as a result of this kind of politics.”

He also said: “I took an oath as an Army officer to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. I find it disturbing that someone would make a pledge to a political party and then mindlessly spout partisan talking points because their GOP Party elders demand it.”

Heckman added: “Organizations you’ve never heard of control our politics through money and influence. Political insiders like my opponent have gotten used to the lobbying industry being the 4th branch of our Government. This has to stop. Independence from these influences and moderation is what is called for now more than ever.”

Heckman recently returned from his second military deployment to Iraq where he earned his third combat Bronze Star. He was stationed in the Baghdad area with other Special Operations soldiers. He previously served a tour of duty in Afghanistan in Oct 2001.

He has long-standing ties in the community and real-world experience in national security and in business. Doug Heckman is a West Point graduate and has two sons at West Point and one daughter at Norcross High School. Heckman also has an MBA from Duke University and has lived in the 7th District for 20 years with his wife and three children.

The location of the 3 billboards are: on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. (southbound just before South Berkeley Lake Rd.), I-85 South before the Beaver Ruin exit, and S.R. 20 southbound at the Braselton Hwy/124 intersection.