I will fight for you…

I will fight for you…

My name is Doug Heckman and I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives here in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District. I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Extreme partisanship is harming our country. We need representatives in Congress that seek to bring people together. That is the way I have run my campaign and that is the way I will serve this District.

To create new high-paying jobs in Georgia we must support major investment in new industries like Clean Energy technology and drive public-private partnerships. We will end Big Oil tax subsidies and make “pay-as-you-go” rules enforceable so that we balance our national budget.

I am asking for your vote because I believe that we need principled problem solvers in Washington.  Saying “NO” to everything is not a solution.

I can promise to be the same kind of leader that I have been throughout my career in the Army and in business. I intend to be a force for reasoned debate and problem-solving. I hope that you will join with me and that I can earn your confidence and trust.

Here are my priorities:

  • National Defense – My background and expertise are extensive.
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Our economy will recover only when actual jobs are created. Congress must empower small businesses and enable them to hire.
  • Education – To help states improve public education must be the highest priority of our national government. Strong public education systems are critical for our country’s long-term economic well-being.
  • Energy – I am committed to a sensible energy policy that lowers costs, strengthens our national security, grows our economy, and creates new jobs. We can establish the United States as the global leader in clean energy technologies and put Americans to work.

I believe our forefathers had in mind that good men and women from varied walks of life would come to Washington to serve for a finite period of time. Power and special interests have warped our system. Please give me the opportunity to serve you. I pledge to lead and to help achieve real solutions through hard work and reasonable compromise.