Immigration Reform Requires Pragmatism not More Extremism

October 24, 2010

Contact: Martha Kiel


‘All or Nothing’ Politics Prevent Meaningful Action

NORCROSS, Georgia – Doug Heckman, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 7th District took issue with the lack of clarity and pragmatism surrounding discussion of immigration reform in this election cycle. He called for accountability on how an extreme position in this debate would actually be enacted and improve the situation going forward. “My opponent and I agree that our immigration problem is a federal enforcement problem. We differ on what we believe should be done as we identify the illegal immigrants.”

Heckman stated: “It is false to call a path to citizenship for undocumented workers that includes a large fine: ‘amnesty’. It is also false to expect that we will ever locate and round up millions of illegal workers and ship them back to their home country. Extreme politics are preventing any meaningful action on this important issue. Why take a hardened position that you have no plan to enact? Our country cannot afford any more political grandstanding. If you say you will not consider any path to citizenship for illegal workers under any circumstances then you better have a plan for how you intend to locate and ship back millions of people and a cost estimate for doing so.”

Heckman said: “I understand the real concerns about what illegal workers might be doing to wages. I understand that we must know who we have in our country. There must be a reality-based discussion that breaks this problem up into manageable pieces. The reality is that millions of illegal workers would not be here if there weren’t jobs for them. The reality is that our border is not secure yet. The reality is we must decide what kind of immigration we want in this country.”

“Partisanship is harming our government and grinding it to a halt. We need an advocate who can put aside their political interests and fight for what can be achieved now. This problem can be solved in stages and there is much that can be accomplished. My opponent has been a Washington insider for 16 years. It is time for new representation in Washington. My campaign theme is ‘Service Before Self” because selfish careerism is running rampant in our government.”

Doug Heckman has actually lived in the 7th District for 20 years and has real-world experience in national security and in business.