Doug’s Military Biography

2009-2010 - Active Duty for 8 months. Lived on US Army base in Baghdad. As a Special Forces Colonel, briefed the US Commanding Generals on the daily activities of Green Berets and Navy SEALs across the battlespace. Earned my third Bronze Star.

2006-2007 - Active Duty for 13 months. Lived and worked on an Iraqi base. As a US Army Colonel was a Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Army. My counterpart was an Iraqi General who commanded the most powerful (Armored) Iraqi Army unit in the country. Moved into and occupied eastern side of Baghdad. Countless successes. Oversaw the beginning of the current surge. Earned Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge among other awards.

2001-2002 - Active Duty for 12 months. US Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. Deployed to Afghanistan area soon after 9/11 (October 2001) as a principal staff officer for Task Force Dagger – the unit tasked with training the Northern Alliance and kicking the Taliban out of Afghanistan. We were successful. Spent the remainder of tour as Crisis Action Team Chief at Army Special Operations HQ at Ft Bragg, NC. Earned Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Medal among other awards.

1990s - As a US Army Reservist (a Captain and then Major) I was attached to the Army Special Forces Command and served on several occasions in Central America. Additionally, I was/am the lead liaison officer for West Point in metro Atlanta. I graduated from the Command and General Staff College.

1980s – Upon graduation from West Point, I served my Lieutenant years in Germany as an Infantry Officer. After that I was an A-Team Leader with the “Green Berets” (as a Captain) at Ft Bragg for several years. My team focused on the Middle East. I attended numerous military schools to include Airborne, Ranger, Jumpmaster and Special Forces (Honor Graduate) during the decade.