National Security

National Security should be the predominant concern of our Federal Government. The Preamble of the Constitution introduces in a few words what the American people could expect from their new government – the defense of their liberty.

National security goes beyond just the fighting of wars. Here are the important components:

  1. The successful prosecution of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The larger context of these wars is the battle against Islamic extremists. Leaders in our government that understand the consequences and limitations of armed conflict are essential.
  2. Implicit in the prosecution of past, current, and future military action is the need to properly take care of our veterans. One may disagree with military action, but honor the veteran that takes up the call of his or her Country. This means that our veterans deserve the finest care our government can provide and this with the full backing of the American people.
  3. We, as a people, must support the efforts of our government to curtail the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  4. Illegal Immigration - Part of the comprehensive solution to this problem is making sure that our borders are not porous. Additionally, we must know who is in this Country. We have gone too long without solving this problem. Republicans and Democrats alike share the blame.
  5. Dependence on foreign oil - we must come up with a comprehensive solution to reduce this dependence. In 1970 we imported 20% of our oil from foreign sources. We are now at over 70% dependence. The implications for our security and economy are obvious. All of our politicians share the blame for not resolving this alarming predicament.
  6. Global Warming - Whatever the causes, the fact is that the Earth is warming. Our security is threatened by the potential consequences of this climate crisis such as major storms, prolonged draughts, and flooding. We must craft national policy solutions in order to avoid this catastrophic damage.. Preparation begins at the national level so that we will have a future with a more secure nation and a safer world.

This is a comprehensive perspective towards National Security. We should not wait and react only to crisis. We need representatives in Congress that will reach across political party lines to address all these issues and insist on a higher level of honesty about them. Too often, partisan politics is the reason preparation does not occur. In this race, I am the best qualified person to address these challenges.