No Committment to Bipartisanship in GOP Pledge

September 27, 2010


Whoever is in Charge Will Get Nowhere Without Consensus Building.

NORCROSS, Georgia - Doug Heckman, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 7th District objected today to the complete absence of a committment to reach across the aisle to get things done on behalf of the American people in the GOP “Pledge to America”. He noted this as the latest example of putting partisanship ahead of statesmanship.

Heckman remarked: “You can talk all you want about an ‘arrogant and out-of-touch government’ of which you are currently a part, but whoever is in charge in the next Congress will have a very small majority and will have to bring people together to get anything done.”

Heckman said: “To act otherwise is to completely disregard reality. This is just more of the same divisive rhetoric that brought us to our destructive present.”

Heckman’s campaign is founded on the observation that partisanship is harming our government and grinding reasonable debate to a halt. He has said that he finds it ironic that the Shia and Sunni have come together for the good of their country but American politicians show little of that sort of nationalism.

Heckman said: “Leading with outrage is nothing but zealotry. It is extremely tiresome.”

Heckman continued: “We cannot restore civility and collegiality in government without leaders who have the skills to bring it about and representatives committed to public service. My campaign theme is ‘Service Before Self” because selfish careerism is running rampant in our government.

Heckman also added: “Political insiders like my opponent have also gotten used to the lobbying industry being the 4th branch of our Government. This has to stop. On September 14th Mr. Woodall had a Washington DC fundraiser. Who do you think gave him money? Independence from these influences and moderation is what is called for in order to put the best interest of the public back in the driver’s seat.”

Doug Heckman has actually lived in the 7th District for 20 years and has real-world experience in national security and in business.