Opposition to Stem Cell Research Halts Jobs

October 20, 2010


Opposition Halts Ability to Attract Biomedical Industry

NORCROSS, Georgia – Doug Heckman, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Georgia’s 7th District praised the landmark embryonic stem cell study being conducted at the Shepard Spinal Center. It puts Georgia in the world spotlight for biomedical research and development. A breakthrough would mean being able to regenerate movement for paralyzed people. The embryonic stem cells are ones that would be destroyed anyway because they could not be used for fertility treatments.

Heckman said, “I believe that one can call themselves Pro-Life and still agree that embryonic stem cell research does not destroy human life.”

Heckman remarked: “My opponent does not want this type of research being conducted. The Georgia Right to Life Organization dictates that to be “Pro-Life” one must oppose embryonic stem cell research and also be against abortion even in cases of rape and incest. This is one of the many differences between us. I see great potential to alleviate suffering in people’s lives with this new research. I want Georgia to attract the biomedical industry and be a part of these medical advances. In these times of economic hardship, we risk bringing significant high-paying scientific jobs to Georgia by opposing this form of stem cell research.”

Heckman also said: “I am proud that Atlanta will be at the forefront in this research. Defeating the advancement of chronic and untreatable diseases like ALS will give a lot of Americans hope for the future and will be a celebration of life.”