Press Room

10.29.10: Doug Gains Support of Senator Sam Nunn

10.25.10: Immigration Reform Requires Pragmatism not More Extremism

10.20.10: Opposition to Stem Cell Research Halts Jobs

10.19.10: Gwinnett Forum Endorses Doug

10.10.10: Atlanta Press Club Debate for the 7th District

09.27.10: No Committment to Bipartisanship in GOP Pledge

09.07.10: Heckman Billboards Send a Message

08.18.10: Doug on “Newsmakers with Tim Bryant”

08.10.10: Woodall is the Choice for Extreme Politics as Usual

07.05.10: Heckman Opposes Cynical and Divisive Hice Campaign strategy

06.21.10: Many in Congress Stand up for BP instead of US Citizens on the Gulf Coast

06.14.10: Field Crowded for Republicans

02.03.10: Heckman returns from deployment in Iraq

10.31.08: Newcomer challengers Linder

10.30.08: Senator Sam Nunn supports Heckman candidacy

10.27.08: Heckman faces uphill fight

10.21.08: GPB debate

10.1.08: WABE: Democrat Doug Heckman is running for Georgia’s 7th district …

9.26.08: Heckman is endorsed by former Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark

9.9.08: Doug Heckman 920AM Radio Interview

8.16.08: Linder again votes against college students and veterans

8.6.08: Heckman calls out Linder on term limit pledge

7.16.08: Medicare Act 2008 passes without Linder’s vote–twice

7.7.08: Heckman supports ADA Amendment Act 

7.2.08: Democrats in Georgia draw veterans as congressional candidates 

6.23.08: Georgia Voter Guide 

6.19.08: Heckman attends Lake Lanier Forum 

5.29.08: Heckman announces support for the GI Bill for the 21st Century 

4.29.08: Elliott Brack – Gwinnett Forum OpEd

4.28.08: Qualifying Day – AJC Political Insider

4.11.08: Veterans to Challenge Incumbents

4.6.08: Doug Heckman appearred on the Kudzu Vine Listen to the intereview Cue to 36:30 of the show

4.1.08: AJC – Heckman on Linder’s FairTax

3.31.08: Linder has a Democratic opponent

3.7.08: AJC – Linder Most Conservative Congressman in US

3.3.07: America’s surge is starting to work – but can it last?

2.5.07: U.S., Iraqi Forces Clamp Down on Baghdad

2.5.07: Iraqi general to take control of Baghdad military security operations Monday

12.8.06: Iraq insurgents’ bombmaking gets more lethal
Advanced explosives outpace military’s efforts to boost troop, vehicle armor

12.7.06: U.S. troops face challenges trying to train Iraq troops

12.3.06: ‘About Five Minutes Into It, We Had to Take Over’
U.S. Military Advisers Step In As Iraqi Army Mission Falters

8.27.06: Iraq tries to crack down carefully on militias