Service before Self

As the blistering Healthcare and Wall Street Reform debates have shown us, there is an overwhelming amount of careerism and self-interest on display in our Government right now. To counteract that, we need to elect people with a positive vision for the future and a willingness to act. I am not cynical about politics and think that people who are have no business running for office.

We do not need ideologues or lobbyist puppets. The perception that government is working for the few, not the many, is what fuels public hostility toward politicians and government in general.

I will communicate to the District that I am not motivated to run out of a desire for personal gain. I can promise to be the same kind of leader that I have been throughout my career in the Army and in business. I intend to be a force for reasoned debate and problem-solving – instead of the usual scare tactics or oversimplification.